Vegan Cheese is HERE!

The rumours are true – Mad Mex is proud to announce that VEGAN CHEESE is now available at ALL Mad Mex restaurants!

For months we’ve been working hard on giving our vegan amigos new and exciting options – starting with our Veggie Rancheros with Organic Tofu. And now, there’s more….


This tasty alternative is 100% vegan friendly and contains no:

  • Dairy or lactose
  • Soy
  • Gluten

Plus, it’s palm oil free!


We’re so excited about our new addition, that we’re making it FREE to try for a limited time!


Vegan Cheese is the perfect addition in allof our meals — whether it’s a Burrito, Nachos or a Quesadilla, now you can have your cheese and eat it too. In fact, you can now get any of these meals 100% vegan!

  1. Burrito with a Soft Flour Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  2. Burrito with a Charcoal Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  3. Grande Melt with a Soft Flour Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  4. Grande Melt with a Charcoal Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  5. Quesadilla with a Soft Flour Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  6. Quesadilla with a Charcoal Tortilla & Veggie Rancheros filling*
  7. Naked Burrito with Veggie Rancheros filling*
  8. Nachos with Veggie Rancheros filling**
  9. Soft Corn Tacos with Veggie Rancheros filling*
  10. Crispy Corn Tacos with Veggie Rancheros filling*
  11. Soft Flour Tacos with Veggie Rancheros filling*
  12. Ensalada with Veggie Rancheros filling

* no sour cream | ** no sour cream and no queso


So put away your cheese-based envy and visit a Mad Mex restaurant today, or order it on delivery!