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¡Ay, caramba! Mi amigos want to grab some Mexican, butaren’t fans of hot spice. What do we do?

Sure, we get it. Mexican food is known throughout the world for its spiciness, but here’s the thing – Mexico’s delicious cuisine is incredibly diverse and isn’t just limited to using chilli for flavour (phew!). In fact, when it comes to authentic Mexican food, you’ll soon realise that it’s more about depth of vibrant and bold flavours than it is about the heat. Just like in the cocinas of Mexico, Mad Mex combines fresh herbs, spices and citrus to season its creations, offering some of the most delicious and healthy Mexican food Sydney has to offer.


Time for a history and geography lesson, amigo !

Mexico’s tapestry of different cultures and rich history is reflected in the country’s cuisine, and depending on what region you’re in, the level of spiciness varies. The northern part of Mexico is where you’ll find the spicier dishes commonly associated with Mexican food, while the food in the country’s capital, Mexico City, tends to be more subtle by comparison.

Other parts of the country focus on using sweet chilies to give their food a distinct and rich flavour, while the mountainous southeastern region of Oaxaca has its own distinct twists, influenced by its many climates and cultures. Traditional recipes handed down throughout the generations make Oaxaca a particularly interesting food mecca, with unique delicacies that aren’t commonly found in other parts of the country (fried grasshoppers anyone?).


Keepin’ it real

At Mad Mex, we stay true to the origins of real Mexican food by making it with high quality, fresh and natural ingredients, seasoned with clean herbs and spices like coriander, chilli, garlic and cumin. We keep it real, simple and fresh and give you the option of three different salsas so you can go as spicy as you want. There’s the mild and tangy Roasted Tomato Salsa, the medium and zesty Salsa Verde, and the red-hot Spicy Picante Habanero for those after a serious caliente hit! Mad Mex salsas are hand-crafted fresh from real ingredients – in fact, check out our “secret” salsas recipes right here and see for yourself.

Whether you like it hot and spicy or prefer things mild and mellow, at Mad Mex you’ll find a menu that is teeming with a variety of healthy and delicious options, and the best part is everything is fully customisable to your preference. We make everything to your order right in front of you so if you want to up the ante on the caliente with a whopping pile of jalapenos or keep things chill, Mad Mex has you and your amigos covered.


Ready to spice up your life?

Dare to try our Red Foil Burrito with Picante Habanero sauce, it’s guaranteed to turn up the heat and pack a serious flavour punch. Go on, give it a go!