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Fresh Fuel for Life: It’s not just something we say. We live and breathe this philosophy at Mad Mex, and that’s why we felt our Sydney Central Plaza restaurant needed a face-lift to match. Whether you’re dropping in for a quick bite, or to enjoy the rich, authentic flavours of Mexico with your familia, we’re sure that you’re going to love the vibrant, casual and comfy ambiance of our all-new look.

We’ve got nothing to hide at Max Mex. As soon as you drop in, you’ll notice the big, bold luchador mask design on the wall, lit up with dozens of light bulbs in the back of the restaurant. He’s as big and bold as our flavours, sourced locally from the suppliers of the freshest and most wholesome produce in the country. There’s no artifice or tricks in the food we’ll serve you up, from burrito to nachos and on to the quesadilla: you’re getting wholesome, honest Mexican, and you’ve got complete control over the menu, so it’s easy to account for allergies or flavour preferences.

And hey! We do understand with the world being what it is right now the idea of sitting in a crowded restaurant is anything but appealing… which is why the Central Plaza location is spacious and airy. We always put the health and well-being of our familia first, so our space it perfectly tailored to observe social distancing and comfortable dining.

What we mean by “Fresh Fuel for Life”

Fast food has a bad reputation. It’s unhealthy. It uses the cheapest (and often poorest) ingredients. It doesn’t care about the eating experience. We want to challenge that, and that’s why we see ourselves as different. We’re all about fast casual dining, rather than fast food. Fast casual is a chance to celebrate life and keep yourself energised with the best and healthiest dishes, no matter how busy you are.

No matter what your dietary requirements are, we’ll serve you up the most delicious vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian or allergy-aware options. Our recipes really are authentic (we’ve got the ticket stubs from our trips to Mexico to prove it!), and you know what that means – mouth-watering spice and the most colourful food that you eat with your eyes as much as your mouth.

But Fresh Fuel for Life isn’t just about the food. It’s the lifestyle, and we want to hear from our amigos! Grab some snaps of your meals and share them on Instagram and Facebook; we’ve got some seriously talented photographers within our familia (also the luchador mask logo at our Central Plaza location is the perfect backdrop for a photo… just sayin’).

We’ve got some big changes coming to the Mad Mex chain of restaurants in the coming months, so stay tuned, and keep living the Fresh Fuel for Life philosophy with those burritos!