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Ten years ago there was a winter Olympics being held in Canada, Ke$ha had the world’s biggest music hit of the year with Tik Tok (not the social network), The Social Network (the one about Facebook) won Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards, the first iPad ever launched into the market, and people were still playing Angry Birds on their phones. It was such an innocent time. It was also a big year for Mad Mex. In 2010 we launched the Big Burrito, and unlike all of the above, people are still talking about our big event.

The Big Burrito is the solution when you’ve got a serious craving for wholesome, fresh fuel. It arrives wrapped in the iconic red foil, and once you unwrap it you realise that you’re about to dig into no less than one kilogram of pure, rich flavour. It’s mouth-watering goodness delivered at scale, and whether you’re eating alone or sharing with amigos and amigas, a Big Burrito is the perfect way to reenergise so you can live life to the max.

We know that 2020 has made it hard for some of our familia to get out and visit us in person, so we’re happy to announce that you can now MenuLog yourself a Big Burrito for express delivery. Whether you’re working from home and craving some lunch or looking forward to the perfect addition to your Netflix marathon, the Big Burrito is the ideal authentic flavour sensation to add some spice to your week.

Celebrate Fresh Fuel For Life and Mexican culture with us!

We’re so committed to the authentic Mexican experience that we’re inviting all our familia to join us in celebrating Mexican Independence day this coming month! Mark it in your calendars, folks, as you’ll not want to miss out on this – on September 16, you’ll be able to grab yourself a Big Burrito for a massive 50% off when ordered via Menulog.

That’s not all, though. Anyone who purchases a Big Burrito will also nab themselves a premium, reusable drink bottle. Fill it with water (or whatever else you like to drink), and take it with you to the gym, your workplace, or whatever else you’re getting up to. It’s got a stylish luchador mask design and the iconic Max Mex colours printed right there, showing the world that not only do you know what’s good for your mind and body, but you’ve also got the best taste for authentic Mexican cuisine. That makes you asombroso.

A whole kilogram of premium quality burrito and the freshest ingredients and flavours that we can pack in there sounds like something that should be expensive, but at Mad Mex we believe in treating our familia right. A Big Burrito with the drink bottle sells for $29.90, or $39.90 delivered. Combining the comforts of home cooking-style Mexican with wholesome ingredients to help you look after your body is priceless, but it shouldn’t break the bank.