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Since day one, we’ve been supplying our amigos delicious, fresh and healthy Mexican food, that gives them the right kind of fuel to get the most out of life. This year we’re proud to announce the creation of the Fresh Fuel for Life (FFFL) program. Young athletes need all the support that they can get, both in looking after their health and giving them opportunities to train, compete, and chase their dreams.

That’s the reason that we launched the program, through which we identify some of the brightest rising stars in the world of Surfing, Skateboarding and Motocross, and supply them with opportunities and the support they need to take things to the next level.

In addition to providing these talented youngsters with access to mentors and expert guidance, the FFFL program supplements the juniors coaching and training camps, supports travel to competitions and events, and, of course, helps the athletes keep themselves fuelled up with wholesome, fresh, authentic fuel directly from Mad Mex.

We kicked the FFFL program off in style at the Vissla Central Coast Pro at Avoca Beach in February. One of the leading surfing competitions on the calendar, we partnered with Surfing NSW to provide an awesome chillout zone for competitors and staff to help them rest, reset, and keep their edge over the six full days of competition.

From there we have rapidly grown the program (Australia has a lot of hugely talented future sports stars!). We now directly support eight junior athletes across surfing, skateboarding, and motocross, through tailored partnerships that are aimed to help them really up their game. Our familia of rising superstars can also count on the sagely wisdom of our two mentors; Tim Coleman (Motocross) and Connor O’Leary (Surfing & Skateboarding). True experts in their fields, having access to Tim and Connor is already helping the kids set new goals and loftier ambitions with what they will be able to achieve in their own careers.

We all share a passion and goal for getting the most out of life, and we’re going to continue to use the FFFL program to identify and boost the brightest talents.