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Change is good.  Especially when it comes to food. We know what we like, and we like what we like, but trying something new is a pathway to awe-inspiring new favourites. For many of us, we’re rapidly discovering the wonderful world that is vegan food.

The vegan food revolution is making big changes to diets the world over, and it can be hard to know where to start, of if you’re even going to like it at all. We’re pretty sure you will, though, and that’s why we really want our amigos to give our plant-based vegan options a try. Not only are they great for the environment, but we are very confident that after one bite of our mouth-watering Veggie Rancheros or Baja BBQ Vegan Chicken, you’ll have an all-new, healthy, delicious comfort food favourite to look forward to.

When pundits say that eating vegan is good for the environment, it’s no joke. Sir David Attenborough knows the score when it comes to the environment and recently said that he’s “lost his appetite” for meat due to the state of the planet and the need for real environmental change. Research by the clever folks at the University of Oxford backs him up: cutting meat and dairy out of your diet can reduce your personal carbon footprint from the food that you eat by as much as 73 per cent. That is a massive contribution you can make, personally and right now, to helping us all manage the ongoing challenge that we face with climate change.

Of course, you might not want to go totally vegan overnight, and you shouldn’t have to! No one’s going to judge an amigo that enjoys meat in their diet. That’s why we introduced Mad Mex Meatfree Mondays, as a simple and easy way to show the carnivores and flexitarians in our familia that vegan food isn’t a compromise; not on flavour, spices, or wholesome goodness.

If you order plat-based meal on a Monday, you get a discount. That’s it. There are no hidden catches, no terms & conditions, and no contractual obligations to turn into a full-time vegan after your meal. You just get to try our ridiculously rich, authentic Mexican flavours without a hint of meat. It’s no-risk and all-win. Then you can come back next week and try another of the vegan options for the exact same deal.

We’re not removing our meat options from the menu. Even when you get going with our “powered by plants” menu, you’ll probably still want meat from time to time, and that’s totally fine. What Mad Mex Meatfree Monday is there for is to encourage all amigos in our familia to broaden their palette, both for the good of the environment and themselves. Vegan meals not only taste great, but they are full of a rich assortment of nutrients.

Mad Mex Meatfree Mondays are a feature of all of our restaurants, so please drop by and say “hola” next Monday, and let us prove to you just how good vegan food is.