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At Mad Mex, we boldly support the flexitarian lifestyle, bringing our rich, fresh and authentic approach to Mexican cuisine to our familia, no matter what their lifestyle and nutritional needs. But there’s more to it than that, too. We genuinely care about the impact that we’re all having on our environment and we want to make sure the planet remains healthy for future generations. That’s why we’re taking the lead and encouraging all our amigos to follow us on the journey to flexitarian goodness.

Our Meatfree Mondays initiative has been a massive success, with many of our familia discovering just how good vegan food can be for the first time. In an interview with QSR Media about it, our head honcho, Clovis Young, said just how committed we are to this effort.

“We’re going to do this for two years; we don’t believe that you can influence change in behavior over a one-month campaign. Or if you do, it’s just not meaningful,” Clovis said in the interview.

“It costs us a bit of money – but we’re doing it because we think it’s critical that we encourage people, it’s part of our purpose to encourage people to live a big, honest, healthy life.”

It’s not all-or-nothing with Mad Mex

Eating vegan is, for most of us, a choice, and no-one is suggesting that you should give up meat entirely in making that choice. Of course we understand that one of the great joys in life is sitting down to a hearty meal, meat and all. What’s more, as we’ve proven at Max Mex many times over, Mexican spices and flavours pair beautifully with meat. So we’re not taking meat off the menu by any means.

However, it is a reality that to tackle the environmental issues around the world, we all need to get smarter about our food intake. That’s why we wholeheartedly embrace the flexitarian ethos, whereby amigos cut back on meat, but don’t cut it out, and look for alternatives when there are those available too.

For example, our not-chicken chicken dish, produced in collaboration with Simplot, is so authentic that it fools people. As Clovis mentioned in that the interview, we’ve actually had amigos come up to us and check that we haven’t accidently added real chicken to their vegan dish.

And isn’t that ultimately the point? You want those meat flavours and textures, but if you can have those while also reducing the impact that the meat production industries have on the planet, then everyone’s better off, right?

Our commitment at Mad Mex is to wholesome, authentic flavour. We’re always keen on innovating with new menus and dishes, but only when we can achieve it without compromise to flavour, freshness, or goodness.

Can we prove it to you? Next Monday, drop in and give Meatfree Mondays a go! Not only are you getting a discount for giving it a go, we reckon you’ll love it.