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Hola, amigos! As you know, good Mexican is all about being generous and warm to the familia. With our new and improved Mad Member rewards program, we’re doing just that.

It would be easy for us to do a simple “buy ten meals, get one free,” deal. That’s standard for a loyalty club, right? With Mad Members, that is just the start of what you can look forward to. In short, we’ve taken the loyalty club concept and really spiced it up.

With Mad Members you’ll get five stamps towards that first free meal just for signing up! You’ll also be celebrating your birthdays in the best possible way with a big flavour hit courtesy of a burrito on the house. There will be exclusive promotions and offers available to our Mad Members, and you’ll get to try our new products before anyone else.

Because you’re our VIP, you’ll also be able to order ahead and completely skip the queue – perfect for those times where you’re just that busy, but craving some wholesome, authentic fuel to keep you powering on.

We’ve even launched an awesome app that lets you manage your stamps and make those orders with a few taps of the screen. We reckon the app’s pretty hot stuff! Okay, sure, you won’t be able to play Among Us on the app… but then you don’t end up with a burrito or nachos when you play Among Us, either.

So, in summary, the Mad Members in the familia will enjoy:

  • A five-stamp bonus on sign-up.
  • A free meal after ever ten purchases.
  • A free burrito on your birthday.
  • Access to news and events just for the Mad Members.
  • The ability to order ahead & skip the queue.
  • Exclusive promotions and offers.
  • An awesome app to manage your membership – no more paper cards to lose, either!

That is a pretty good deal for something that’s totally free to sign up for, yes? Also, don’t worry if you were a member of our previous rewards program. Your points there will be converted to stamps on sign-up.

This is just the start of the Mad Member program. Who knows where it will go from here, but what we can tell you is that our goal is to have the hottest rewards program for our familia – we want a rewards club that gives you real and genuine value.