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Sure, you know that Mexican food is delicious, wholesome, and healthy, but there’s so much more to Mexican than meets the eye. Did you know that it has been UNESCO-listed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, for example? Mexican food has been delighting foodies across the planet for many generations now, and here’s just a couple of reasons behind why it’s so mouth-wateringly popular:

  1. Mexico is the birthplace of tomatoes

We take tomatoes for granted now – not just in our Mexican, but in almost everything we eat – but the origins of the tomato are from Mexico, with seeds being taken back to Spain by Europeans to start growing the fruit there. So, really, not only do tomatoes freshen up our salads and burritos at Mad Mex, but we can also thank Mexico for all those amazing Italian pastas and Spanish paellas.

  1. Mexican food is actually multi-cultural

What we call “the best Mexican food that Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and elsewhere in Australia has to offer” at Mad Mex is actually a blend of food cultures. The food tradition we know as “Mexican” actually borrows flavours and ideas from Native American, European, African and Caribbean food cultures too. It’s no wonder the whole world loves Mexican, and it has become such an enduring and popular choice in multicultural places like Australia.

  1. Nachos really were invented by a guy called “Nacho”.

His full name was actually Ignacio Anaya Garcia (“Nacho” was the nickname he went by), and he was a chef working in a little border town at the north of Mexico. He needed to throw together a plate of snacks for a group of U.S. military wives that were visiting his restaurant. His dish of fried tortillas with grated chest and jalapeno peppers went down very well indeed, and when asked what it was called, he responded “Nacho’s especialies.” That’s how the legend was born.

  1. Mexicans were on board with the flexitarian lifestyle right from the start

One of the reasons that we stand by the claim that we’re the best Mexican food in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and anywhere else that you might find a Mad Mex, is because our philosophy behind food is right in line with Mexican traditions. The main ingredients found in Mexican cuisine has traditionally not been meat-based, but rather made use of all kinds of wild herbs and vegetables, from cactus to huauzontles, chayotes to amaranth greens, and cooked up in spicy soups and stews. Mexican goes great with meat and chicken, there’s no doubting that, but it’s by no means essential to the authentic Mexican experience.

Why not drop into a Mad Mex the next time you’re craving something delicious and healthy to fuel your busy day? It says “Mexican” on the label, but really, a meal with us is a true celebration of the best in world cuisine.