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It’s hard to imagine that anything with the kind of spice and rich flavours that Mexican food has could possibly be healthy, and yet that’s exactly the case: stacked up against many other world cuisines, Mexicans fuel their lives with very healthy eating. At Mad Mex, our commitment to authentic Mexican means that you can too.

Did you know that the unhealthier side of Mexican – the piles of meat and cheese on top of deep-fried corn chips – actually came from the Western interpretations of Mexican? We all love a good plate of nachos, but that was actually invented as a dish for Americans to enjoy while on holiday in Mexico.

Locally, Mexicans have traditionally had a plant-focused diet, with only small amounts of meat and additives. Instead, they love using the variety of natural flavours they have on their doorstep. We’re talking about an awesome range of wild greens, chilis, fruits and grains that are bursting with flavour.

Increasingly, people talk about a couple of distinct “genres” of Mexican food. The one most people are familiar with, and the one that is commonly exported around the globe is the more recent “genre” of cuisine, and is food inspired by the close link and cultural exchanges between Mexico and America (via Texas). That’s the one with the nachos, tacos and burritos that is beloved the world over. And then there are the more traditional Mexican that has had fewer Western, European influences, and is a traditional cuisine less designed around global export. This is the cuisine that people are discovering makes Mexican one of the healthiest fuels for the body.

Because we care about our amigo’s health and well-being, but also understand that people do enjoy those now-classic Mexican flavours, at Mad Mex our goal is to find the balance between the two. Our Meatfree Mondays initiative is an opportunity to enjoy the plant-based experience inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine. Our naked burrito is your chance to pile all the super-healthy vegetables, beans and brown rice into a bowl to fuel your busy life. And, of course, all our salsas and guac are made from the same ingredients that the locals all across Mexico use daily.

It’s authentic, mouth-watering, flavour-filled and healthy. Done right, Mexican is home-cooking you can effortlessly eat daily. That’s the experience we want to give our familia here at Mad Mex.