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It’s not just that Mexican tastes great – it’s incredibly convenient, too! You can hold that burrito in one hand, smash it down fast, and get on with your busy life, fuelled by the wholesome flavours and nutrition that was wrapped up in that parcel of goodness.

There are many ways that Mexican can fit into your lifestyle. Here are just five of the reasons we often see our amigos turning to Mad Mex as part of their daily routines:

  • Keep the fires burning during heated competition

When you’re playing sport, whether that be surfing, BMX riding, tennis, cricket, or football, you need a lot of high-energy fuel to keep that edge and help you maintain performance throughout. Good Mexican before or during an event will provide that energy to keep the motors running.

  • Getting that office project delivered on time

When deadlines loom, often the first thing that goes is the lunch break, but without a good lunch, the afternoon in the office can be all the more of a drag and motivation can become tough. Grabbing a quick bite at Mad Mex is the perfect way to invigorate you and make sure those KPIs remain well within reach.

  • It’s party time!

Nothing says “celebration” quite like Mexican! Mexican offers flavours that everyone loves, and it’s highly sharable, putting everyone in the party mood. It goes down great with a beer or margarita, too.

  • A romantic night with the loved one

People don’t generally associate Mexican with candlelit dinners, but bear with us here: A favourite film on the TV, cuddling on the sofa, and a shared bowl of nachos. It works, right? As we’re moving into the cooler months of the year, these kinds of date nights in the comfort of your own home become more and more appealing.

  • Staying healthy while out and about

It can be more difficult than it should be to eat healthily while out for the day; shopping mall food courts and fast food can’t always be trusted to fill the belly with food that you won’t regret later on. Mad Mex, however, is one you can trust. From fresh, vegan and vegetarian options to meat options that are lean and healthy, you don’t need to spend an hour just finding somewhere to eat when we’re around.

Good Mexican is genuine everyday fuel for busy, active people, however you’re filling your day. At Mad Mex we are committed to giving you the convenience of Mexican food in good locations, and also making sure that we fit with your lifestyle, whatever that may be.