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So, we recently took a look at the history of the jalapeño, that all-important chilli in Mexican cuisine. Now, you may be thinking that we’re going to do something similar with chipotle in this blog article, but let’s start out by clearing up a misconception: Chipotle is actually the exact same thing as a jalapeño. Just in a different form.

Don’t worry, this surprised us when we first heard it too. It’s not widely known and most of us are used to thinking of the two as separate flavours entirely. But it is the truth: the chipotle is a dried jalapeño, and it is an ancient part of Mexican cuisine.

Even before the Aztecs, the people of Mexico were harvesting jalapeños to then place them in smoking chambers over a period of days. By the end of it, the now-chipotle would become wrinkled and have a dull, deep brown colour. It certainly tastes different and is used differently, but it’s a good example of just how different in both flavour and application a food can be when dried.

Because it can be powdered easily, and is packed full of flavour, the chipotle is incredibly versatile. At Mad Mex, we deliver the Mexican food amigos love by loading chipotle flavours into our sauces and even our vegan mayo. We find that the smoky, medium-heat flavours it brings to the table are irresistible. The flavour punch makes our moreish vegan options rich and dense in flavour and works perfectly with our meat dishes too.

And, for a trick that not many people are aware of, if you’re enjoying a Mad Mex meal at home, you can also sprinkle a bit of ground chipotle into a drink that’s equal parts lemonade and beer. Trust us; that shandy will give you a kick in the best way possible.

If you’re cooking at home, chipotle goes great with annatto, cumin, ginger, oregano, and tomato powder. If you’re dropping into Mad Mex for one of our legendary burritos, you’re going to get that perfect spice mix balanced perfectly with the other ingredients.

Even if you’re not normally a fan of spicy food, the chipotle is hard to resist. It’s only medium-hot, and the smoky rich flavour is dense and rich, meaning that it doesn’t take much chipotle to still enjoy the flavour without the heat, if you’re so inclined.

The iconic flavour of the chipotle is found in just about everything to do with Mexican cuisine, and you can be sure that at Mad Mex we make sure that we source only the best chipotle to go with our authentic dishes.

We bet all this talk about chipotle has got your mouth watering, right? Why not drop into your local Mad Mex to satisfy that craving?