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You love our burritos (and why wouldn’t you, they are the world’s best!) but did you know that we’re also one of the best places to work? Our motto, Fresh Fuel For Life, is about more than great eats. It’s also the driving philosophy behind everything that we do, and it extends to our people as well.

We look after our own, for a start. Through COVID we all had to make sacrifices, but we didn’t reduce headcount, because that’s not what you do to your amigo. As lockdowns started to ease, we began opening up new restaurants across Australia again, and that gave our people an opportunity for some real career progression – we always try and promote from within the familia when we can.

We care about being part of our community, too, and support local youth in kickstarting their careers through our junior talent program. For those that do want to supercharge their careers, we have manager and supervisor training programs, so every person that works at Mad Mex has both the opportunity and tools that they need to shine. In fact, over the past 12 months we’ve had 26 employees promoted to more senior positions – that’s a big percentage of our team! From luchador to manager and beyond (and we have had people move from luchador all the way to the top roles in the organisation), no matter how far you want to take your career at Mad Mex, we have you covered.

So, how do I sign up?

If you’re a team player with a strong work ethic and the Fresh Fuel For Life philosophy drives you just as it drives us, we absolutely want to hear from you.

It couldn’t be easier to sign up, and we are looking for a lot of people across the country. Just jump on over to the Mad Max jobs page, find the roles that are most interesting to you, and smash the “apply” button. There’s none of that resume and cover letter nonsense – our partner, Expr3ss, will step you through the application process online.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!