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At Mad Mex our commitment to Fresh Fuel For Life is what drives us to give you the world’s best burrito, the most mouth-watering quesadilla, and the tantalising spices of the perfect nachos. But do you know what our real secret sauce is? It’s our people.

The Mad Mex familia is filled with superstars that embody our fresh fuel for life philosophy – we told you it wasn’t just a tagline! We all walk the walk, work hard, and play harder. We’re one of Australia’s best places to work precisely because of all the positive energy that we have across the entire organisation.

Because our people represent so much about what makes Mad Mex special, we’re going to be running profiles on all the great folk that are working behind the scenes every day to make Mad Mex your favourite foodie experience. First up, we have Senior Operations Manager (and life of the party) – Nicki Chesna!

Hola, Nicki! What attracted you to work at Mad Mex? 

To be 100% authentic, it was the food. I was in California in my early 20’s hanging out with some college girls in Santa Barbara, and it was there that I experienced my very first burrito. Since then, I made it my mission to replicate the taste back here in Australia, and Mad Mex was the first one that I came across that had the same commitment to the burrito that I did. I watched the brand closely as it expanded and so, when I was approached by a recruiting agency I was yes, yes, yes!

What do you love about being part of the familia? 

It’s definitely the people and my team in particular! But in addition to that I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my franchisees improve their business!

So, what does a typical day look like for you? 

Ha! A “typical day” does not exist. Though I guess I do get through lots of emails, text messages and calls every day. Lately, I have been doing a lot of online interviews as I am trying to navigate hiring for two restaurants in a lockdown – as you can imagine, that’s an interesting challenge!

Naming one thing, what has been your favourite achievement in working at Mad Mex so far?

Taking the lead of opening the Mad Mex in Kuala Lumpur.

Finally, what Mad Mex menu item do you recommend to us, and why? 

I do love the burrito still, of course! But I’ve got to say right now it’s The Grande Melt, because it’s just oozing with melting cheese with the BBQ pinto beans is just delicious.

Does a career in food sound great to you? Did you know we’re hiring? Come join Nicki and the rest of us by visiting our recruitment page here.