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Mexican and coastal lifestyle go together like hot sauces and guac, and that’s why we’re thrilled to be bringing our own delicioso blend of spices and lifestyle to the good people of the picturesque Bateau Bay. Whether you’re a local, or just visiting for the iconic walks and surfing hotspots of the area, Mad Mex has the fresh fuel that you need to make the most of this wonderfully outdoorsy part of Australia.

We sat down with Dallas, the franchisee that is going to be delivering you the world’s best burrito right in the heart of Bateau Bay, to get his thoughts on the area and his love of wholesome, authentic Mexican.

Welcome to Bateau Bay! We’re super-excited to have you here, but what’s it like opening a Mad Mex? 

Dallas: It’s a very exciting and scary experience, but the backdrop of the beautiful surroundings of the Central Coast has certainly made it easier. You couldn’t ask for a better site, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to be the local franchisee here.

What do you think the people of Bateau Bay love about good, authentic Mexican? 

Dallas: The locals here love their Mexican, and they love Mad Mex! I’ve been chatting with folks, and they’ve been travelling to Tuggerah and Erina just to satisfy their cravings for our world’s best burrito.

The local surfers also love Mad Mex. Mad Mex has been such a positive supporter of surfing across Australia, in sponsoring events and athletes, and with good reason, too! Good Mexican is the perfect fuel to help them meet and exceed their ambitions, so it just makes sense to have a restaurant here, right in the heart of where the action is.

What can locals expect from their all-new Mad Mex experience? 

Dallas: We’ve gone all out to make this a truly state-of-the-art restaurant and dining experience, and of course we’ve gone and recruited a crack team of dedicated lunchadores, who are there to make sure each and every burrito is that best Mad Mex experience possible. 

How are you celebrating the big opening? 

Dallas: Well, for a start, I’ll be moving house from Sydney! I already know the Bateau Bay area, but this is my opportunity to become a local, and that’s a cause for celebration in itself.

For our local Mexican fans, we have a massive opening planned. On December 4, you’ll be able to come along and snag yourself one of 500 free burritos and chow down to some great beats by Red Bull DJ. There may even be one or two special VIPs dropping in, so keep your eyes peeled!

In short, we’re fully committed to being part of the Bateau Bay community, and we’re announcing that with a bang!

Finally, what would you recommend the people of Bateau Bay to try off the menu first? 

Dallas: I honestly think that the naked burrito is the best thing on the menu, as it’s like a “greatest hits” album – it has everything that you love about our entire menu, and it’s easy to eat… especially if you are a bearded man like myself!