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Many of our franchisees are true, bona fide foodies, and magicians in the kitchen themselves. They know Mad Mex is behind the most mouth-watering, authentic Mexican going, and they know that because cooking is their passion.

Allow us to introduce you to Dipesh Golwala! Not only does he love food and dishing up a storm with authentic ingredients at home, but he loves Mad Mex so much that he’s doubling down! He already runs a restaurant in South Melbourne, and now he’s about to start managing the Broadmeadows restaurant too! We sat down to have a quick chat with him about just what it was about Mad Mex that inspires such passion.

We’re super excited to see you opening another Mad Mex! What’s it like opening a restaurant? 

I’m thrilled to be able to do my bit to grow the whole Mad Mex familia.  Opening a second restaurant is a lot of work, to be sure, but it’s like now I am going to be taking care of another young brother or sister – it’s something you do for the love of it.

What do you think the people of Broadmeadows love about good, authentic Mexican? 

They’ve been left out a bit, to be honest! They have not had the opportunity to get stuck into good, authentic Mexican around those suburbs before. So, Mad Mex will bring those true Mexican vibes right to their doorstep, and as we all know, once you like Mad Mex, it’s always Mad Mex.

What can locals expect from their all-new Mad Mex experience? 

We’re approaching this restaurant with the same core values that underline everything we do. Broadmeadows customers can expect something authentic, cheeky, honest, and healthy out of us.

What are you looking to achieve with this restaurant and what are your first priorities? 

To start with, it’s all about the introduction. We want to make the people in Broadmeadows, and surrounding suburbs know that there is a good Mexican place in their neighbourhood, and that it’s the perfect place to go for good meals, family outings, celebrating birthday parties… and generally celebrating life.

We have the right space, right team and, most importantly, the right food to achieve a good connection with the local amigos, and we can’t wait to say hola!

Finally, what would you recommend to people of Broadmeadows first off the menu?

Of course, you’ve got to kick things off with the world’s best burrito!