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If there’s one thing that we’ve been thrilled to discover, it’s that the people of Western Sydney absolutely love good, authentic Mexican food. The tantalising spices and big hit of wholesome flavour has gone down a treat at our Mt Druitt Mad Mex… and you don’t get more proudly Western Sydney than Mt Druitt!

The man behind the successful opening of our latest restaurant is Raheel Shaikh. A local himself, it was a true moment of joy when he was able to give back to his community by opening the hottest new eatery in town.

So, we sat down with Raheel to chat about what it was like opening a restaurant and what makes Mad Mex the highlight of a trip in Mt Druitt.

1) We’re super excited to see you opening another Mad Mex! What’s it like opening a Mad Mex?
Opening a Mad Mex requires commitment. It does take a lot of work, but at the same time, the Mad Mex support office go above and beyond to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Being able to get the restaurant open has been a dream of mine. I am passionate about food, running operations and growing businesses, so opening another Mad Mex has been an extremely rewarding process.

2) What do you think the people of Mt Druitt love about good, authentic Mexican?
I have been blown away with the response we’ve had. Mt Druitt locals absolutely love the authentic, bold flavours of Mad Mex. But it’s not just that. Everyone knows that Mt Druitt is the heart and soul of Western Sydney, and our fun, cheeky approach to serving our amigos has been a perfect match to the area and its big personality.

3) What can locals expect from their all-new Mad Mex experience?
I really believe that locals will make the Mt Druitt Mad Mex their local go-to restaurant. We’ve long awaited this opportunity and our team of luchadors are ready to roll the best burritos for you.

4) What are you looking to achieve with this restaurant and what are your first priorities?
My first priority is to create an environment where both our team and customers equally love visiting Mad Mex. Down the line, my aim is to give back to the Mt Druitt community for accepting and supporting us. I have a few ideas in my mind such as sponsoring a school soccer/ footy team.

5) Finally, what would you recommend to people of Mt Druitt from the menu?
Definitely the chicken burritos! The fresh-grilled chicken is the hero. It is full of flavours in every bite, especially when rolled in a burrito with salsas, beans and all the other goodness we pack in there. Although I have changed my diet to become more plant-based, that chicken burrito is a treat that can’t be beat.

Don’t forget to drop in to the Mt Druitt Mad Mex the next time you’re in town!