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This week was the week of International Women’s Day, with the theme #BreakTheBias. It’s a subject that is close to the whole of the Mad Mex Familia, as we are very much committed to giving women every opportunity at every level of the company.

We wanted to share the stories of success among the many amazing women that work at Mad Mex. Our team includes women who are kicking goals as luchadores that producethe world’s best burrito, through to women who have moved through the ranks to manage restaurants and become mentors to the next generation. The company’s second-in-command is one such inspiring success story, and the top leadership of Mad Mex is very focused on elevating more women to the most senior roles.

We believe that this is important because a diversity of thought results in a diversity of action. Mad Mex is the vibrant, authentic,and inclusive place that you love because we embrace diversity within our teams.From the vegan and halal-friendly menus, to stores opening up across Australia, making it easier to find a mouth-watering burrito whereveryou happen to be, right through to our fun and value-adding promotions, women drive so much of what you love about our company.

We produced a feature that highlights the stories of just some of the women within Mad Mex, right across the company, including one of our regional operations managers, a business manager, Luchador, and the Chief Operating Officer. From juggling careers and parenthood, to their vision for the company and mentoring the next generation of talent, we chat with them about just what it is about Mad Mex that makes it a great place to work and grow.

Check out our piece on #BreakTheBias here!