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Picture this! You are on the couch, scrolling through Netflix trying to find that perfect movie to watch, and your stomach starts to rumble, and you turn to your partner and ask, “what do you feel like eating?” and they respond with their usual answer “I don’t know, you pick”.

Well amigos, we are here to solve the “you choose, I’ll eat anything” dilemma. The answer is, (and, in our opinion always should be) Mexican food! At Mad Mex, we have something for everyone, from our famous burritos to our delectable nachos – you are bound to find a meal that will satisfy your cravings. 

So, without further ado, here are the top five Mexican foods for your next Netflix and chill session: 


Our burritos are pilled with brown rice, beams, fresh pico de gallo, cheese, shredded lettuce (for an extra fresh crunch), sour cream, and your choice of meats or veggies with tofu and warm salsa, rolled into a toasted flour tortilla. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we do believe this this is the best Baja-style burrito on this side of the Pacific. Our Mad Mex burritos are the most complete, satisfying, and tasty meal that you can hold in one hand.


We all know that sharing is caring, so why not share a bowl of nachos while deep into that TV season binge session? There is a secret art to making nachos, and in usual Mad Mex fashion, we would like to share. So, we take a stack of corn chips, ladle on queso (cheese) and top the meal with beans, fresh pico de gallo, sour cream, and crispy shredded lettuce. Our amigos can also add their choice of grilled or slow-cooked meats, or veggie rancheros and a salsa for extra spice.


The simplicity of tacos makes them a meal that all our amigos love. The crispy corn flour tortilla is wrapped around the explosively delicious fillings of your choice. If you want a meal with all your food groups included, look no further than tacos. The shell is a great source of grains, the meat of your choice for proteins, and toppings such as lettuce and tomatoes for your hit of veggies, and cheese for our dairy lovers.


Our Quesadilla (otherwise knows as the Little Cheesy Thing, or the Ultimate Mexican Toasty) is the perfect addition to your night on the couch! Our amigos can choose from meats or veggie rancheros with tofu, topped with fajita (onion & capsicum), packed with grated cheese, toasted to crispy, melting perfection in a soft flour tortilla. This Little Cheesy Thing is served with cool sour cream and salsa! Proven to tantalise your tastebuds!

Naked Burrito

Last, but not least! We have our Naked Burrito! Providing our familia with all the best of the burrito, minus the tortilla. We pile a bowl with brown rice, beans, fresh pico de gallo, cheese, crisp shredded lettuce, and sour cream. You can also add your choice of slow cooked, fresh grilled meats, or veggies rancheros which are exquisitely vegan friendly!

And there you have it! The five food groups for that Netflix and chill session. Now that we’ve given you the perfect food recommendations, be sure to let us know your Netflix recommendations. What movies and TV shows go best with the big-hitting flavour of authentic Mexican?