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We all know that Mexico offers the real Fresh Fuel for Life, with its wholesome, healthy, and vibrant food culture. You come to Mad Mex when craving a good meal for a reason, after all!

But Mexico’s love of living a healthy, full life extends well beyond the food that they eat. Mexico is a sports-mad nation and shares a lot in common with Australia there. In fact, the Mad Mex luchador that you see in our restaurants is taken directly from the nation’s sporting tradition – you’ve seen Lucha Libre, right? If not, take some time to look up some YouTube videos, because it is spectacular.

Mexico has a sporting tradition that goes way back to its ancient roots. In fact, the modern game of Ulama – a simple ball game that challenges players to keep a ball in play by hitting it with their hips – is a descendent of an Aztec game that is recognised as one of the oldest continually played sports in world history.

In fact, Mexico has a unique sporting scene, with many popular sports effectively exclusive to the region. We’ve already mentioned Lucha Libre and Ulama, but there’s also Pelota (think Tennis, but without a net), and Charreada, which is a little like rodeo, but very Mexican.
Of course, Mexicans also love their world sports, and excel at many of them, including:

Football – The Mexican team is one of very few teams worldwide that has qualified for every FIFA World Cup since 1994. The nation’s best performance was at its own World Cup, in 1986, where it came sixth.

Boxing – Mexico produces more great boxers these days than any other (it has over 200 world champions in professional boxing!). If you ever get a chance, watch a bout between a Mexican and Puerto Rican champion. That sporting rivalry comes close to the atmosphere of a rugby match between Australia and New Zealand.

Taekwondo – Mexico has a large Korean population and has embraced the country’s national martial art. Mexicans have earned seven medals in Taekwondo since its introduction to the Olympics in Sydney – including a gold – ranking it 9th in the world.

Baseball – Americans introduced baseball to Mexico way back in the 1880s, and the country has one of the oldest premier baseball leagues in the world – the Mexican Baseball League was founded in 1925. From 1967 to 2020 it was officially considered a “Triple-A League” by the American system, meaning that it was a major talent feeder for the world’s biggest baseball competition. It no longer has that status, but scouts continue to watch talent coming out of Mexico very, very closely.

Of course, Mexico also participates in a wider range of other sports, and some you just wouldn’t expect; it’s not a nation we generally think of as a winter sports nation, but ice hockey, figure skating, and other indoor ice sports are popular there, and the country has sent athletes to nine Olympic Winter Games.

That’s why at Mad Mex, we’re so active in supporting sport here in Australia. Mexico is a nation in which good living means being active and fuelled with the best energy, and it is our privilege to bring that philosophy in its totality to our Aussie amigos as well.