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A 1kg burrito, $10 discount when you order it via Menulog (simply use the code BBURRITO) AND a limited-time-only luchador mask (while stocks last)… something special must be happening. The deal runs from May 3 to 15 (so get those orders in quick), but what we’re really here for is celebrating Cinco De Mayo, on May 5.

Since you’re a fan of Mexican food, you’re probably aware of Cinco De Mayo, as a special day of celebration for the Mexicans. But do you know what the day is about? Literally translated from Spanish, it means “Fifth of May,” but just why do the Mexicans remember that day, and why is Mad Mex holding a special celebration of it, featuring a massive burrito?

In short, it’s because on this day, back in 1862, the Mexican army won a famous victory against the French. See, Mexico was having trouble repaying some debts that the nation had incurred, and so it placed a temporary moratorium on repayments to foreign powers. England, Spain and France took issue with this, and all three nations invaded. England and Spain withdrew soon enough, but France was committed to the conquest. Their efforts suffered a setback when folk hero, General Ignacio Zaragoza, let his smaller and poorly equipped force to victory in the Battle of Puebla.

Unfortunately that victory was short-lived and the French forces would win subsequent battles and capture Mexico City. Nonetheless, the date and event have come to symbolise the Mexican spirit and the proud independence of the culture. Now it’s a date that is celebrated by Mexican communities and those the love Mexico all around the world.

We’re doing our bit to bring the celebration of Cinco De Mayo to Australia! For 12 years now you’ve loved our Big Burrito special, and with good reason! Who doesn’t want a full kg packed with authentic Mexican flavours and wrapped up in our famous tortilla? It’s the world’s best burrito… only now bigger!

Remember: the Big Burrito is only available until May 15. Grab one to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but why not continue fuelling your body with these exquisite meals throughout the month? You keep asking us to bring back the Big Burrito… make sure you don’t have to wait until next year to enjoy it!

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