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It’s hard to imagine a Mexican dish without a healthy serve of guac. We certainly love piling it on at Mad Mex (and our amigos certainly love chowing down on it!), but have you ever wondered just why it is such an iconic part of Mexican eating?

It all comes down to the Avocado – the core ingredient of guac. Although it’s a fruit, it has a very high fat and protein content. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind of fat, and it’s actually an enormously healthy fruit for that reason, but to the Aztecs in the early 16th century, this was more than just a tasty treat. This was critical to their health. They didn’t eat meat, see, so that high level of fat and protein in avocados filled a vital role in keeping energy levels up (they also thought that it was an aphrodisiac, which certainly helped its popularity!).

Originally, guac was literally just mashed avocado, but when the Europeans came, they started to experiment with adding additional ingredients that are native to Latin America, such as tomato and onion. Then, as the world opened up, ingredients that are not native to Mexico also got added to the mix. People started experimenting with things like garlic and coriander from southern Asia, and lime from Persia. There’s no one right way to make guac as a result, and today all those incredible flavours that make up everyone’s favourite dip has become a truly global collaboration.

Now, everyone loves guac. It’s one of the most consumed things every year during America’s Super Bowl (where Mexican is increasingly the unofficial food of the event!), and did you know that National Guacamole Day in Mexico is celebrated on the same day as their Independence Day (September 16)? It truly is the flavour of Mexico.

Why are avocados so good for you anyway?

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel a good burst of energy after refuelling at Mad Mex, the guac’s a big part of the reason.

Avocados are filled to the brim with nutrients that we don’t always get as much of as we need, including magnesium, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and folate. Folate, in particular, can be hard to come by, but given that it’s proven to improve mood, help ward of depression, and even act as an anti-cancer nutrient, we should all be packing as much of that in as possible.
Avocados are also rich in potassium (just one-half of an avocado is 10 per cent of a person’s potassium needs for the day), a nutrient that helps to maintain blood pressure, counteract the effect of sodium on the body, and helps reduce the impact of bone loss and risk of kidney stones. Potassium can be very, very hard to find in food, so you can grab that dollop of guac guilt-free; not only is it perfect for whatever Mexican meal you’re eating, but your body will thank you for it too.

We love our guac at Mad Mex and have worked hard to perfect the recipe so that it goes with whatever you order; meaty or plant based, snackitos or nachos. There’s nothing magical about what we’ve come up with – in fact we’ve even given you the recipe to make your own at home. It’s just good, authentic, home cooking-style Mexican, and that’s why we’ve got the best Mexican food Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and more (and more! We’re still expanding!) of Australia has to offer.