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You come to Mad Mex because you love the rich and decadent flavours of Mexico, right? Well, how well do you know the country itself? Aside from its location just south of the U.S.A. Mexico’s a bit of an enigma to a lot of people, so why not catch up on these five fascinating pieces of trivia as you munch your way through some nachos or our burrito? You’ll have some cool facts to throw down the next time you’re at a trivia party, that’s for sure.

1) Mexican food is actually heritage listed!

It’s not just that Mexican cuisine is great fuel for your active lifestyle… it’s considered one of the great achievements of humanity. In 2010, Mexican food was added to the UNESCO Immaterial World Cultural Heritage list, meaning that, should aliens ever visit us, we may well serve them up some of Mexico’s finest as proof of just how great we as a species are.

2) There are 64 different varieties of corn from Mexico

The Mexicans know it as maize, and it’s one of Mexico’s most famous products. Maize, or corn, is a cereal grain (so, a grass rather than a vegetable), and it is grown in greater quantities than wheat and rice. It’s grown on every continent in the planet (except for Antarctica), but nowhere else can you find 64 different varieties in one location like you can in Mexico.

3) The meteorite that killed all the dinosaurs hit Mexico

Yep, we didn’t realise that Mexico was the reason that we don’t have pet miniature T-Rexes either, but it is! It struck the Yucatan region, is 180 square metres wide and 600 metres deep, and was discovered in 1981 when an oil company was drilling an oil well in the area.

4) The Mexicans love their museums

When you think of Mexico City, you’re probably thinking of a busy, bustling, thriving and modern metropolis. It is that, but it’s also one of the world’s cultural centres, as it comes second only to London in the number of museums that are located within the city. Whether it’s the incredible global cultural icon, the Bellas Artes Museum, or one of the smaller ones that are spread across the city, Mexico City is a prime destination for any history buff.

And, yes, we were surprised that it tops even Paris and Tokyo, too. But 170 museums really is a lot (London, the only city with more, has 200).

5) Mexico, not Egypt, has the largest pyramid

The final little trivia fact that tends to shock people is this one: at a height of 66 metres, and with a base of 400 metres, the pyramid of Cholula is much larger than even the largest pyramid in Giza. Unfortunately, it is a little too well hidden under a mountain, and most people just see the church that was built by Spanish conquistadors instead.

So, there you have it! Five facts about Mexican that are almost as eye-opening as the flavours that go into our authentic dishes at the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and the rest of Australia has to offer. It’s one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of the world, so if you’ve never considered a trip there in the past… perhaps you should! If nothing else, you’ll be eating like royalty.