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“Most people don’t realise what a great career you can have in QSR and with a company like Mad Mex. Many enter our sector with a short-term view and goal, but end up staying because of the opportunities they have to grow.”

Arpan Majumdar knows all about career growth in a familia like Mad Mex. He has recently been promoted to the role of Regional Operations Manager, looking after no fewer than seven restaurants – an incredible rate of career development for someone that only joined in 2019 as a Business Manager.

Arpan said that the reason that he has been able to be so successful with Mad Mex comes down to two things. Firstly, he genuinely believes in the quality of the food. “The day I walked into a Mad Mex and tasted the food, I knew that this was a company with an outstanding commitment to delivering high quality food. I also knew that it would be a chain that would keep the amigos coming back for more.”

Secondly, Arpan has a work ethic that is second to none, and in Mad Mex he found an employer that would rewards employees that put the effort in. “Dig in, work hard, absorb, enjoy, deliver and build relationships around you – can open a lot of doors,” he said.

Now Arpan is looking forward to using his position to mentor the next generation of Mad Mex – and QSR – business leaders. “I’m very interested in leadership and developing my leadership skills and growing those around me,” he said. “I see such great opportunities for growth, both within the restaurants and the business managers that run them. Being able to support young people and bringing them on a journey from the entry point to management, and then move into other roles within the business, would have to be the highlights of my career.”

A genuine familia

In addition to being great for his career development, Arpan said another benefit to working at Mad Mex is the genuine care that the company has for everyone in the familia. For example, he recently got married and he and his wife welcomed their first child into the world.

As anyone with a baby knows, as exciting as such an event is, it can also throw all kinds of disruptive curveballs at both parents. Arpan said he was thankful that the Mad Mex team had his back. “I have found that Mad Mex have been very supportive of my personal circumstances since having a baby and family,” he said. “My co-workers have gone out of their way to accommodate.”

So the next time you drop in to the best Mexican restaurant Sydney has to offer, be sure to have a chat with the team. From Arpan right through to the people making the world’s best burrito for you, everyone wearing the Mad Mex cap is thrilled to be there and serve you that authentic and fresh fuel that’s going to keep you going through the day.

And if a career in QSR sounds like something for you, we absolutely want to hear from you! Jump on over to our Careers page and get your application in today!