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Mad Mex launches generous new paid parental leave program to do the right thing for its familia

At Mad Mex we call ourselves a family – “La Familia”, as the Spanish term goes – and that means we want to look after and support our people like a family.

That’s why we are proud to share that we’ve launched a paid parental leave program, to help primary and secondary carers focus on what’s most important to them as they welcome a new member of their own familia into the world. These entitlements are over and beyond the existing government support and allow the primary carer to take six weeks at full salary (or 12 weeks at half salary), and the secondary carer to take one week’s leave at full pay.

“This kind of program is relatively unusual in the QSR space, but we felt it was important we provide this support for our familia, Mad Mex CEO, Clovis Young, said. “Mad Mex is a place that people can build careers in, from working the grill in a Restaurant, to managing Restaurants and on to the executive team. To be that we need to invest in our people and do right by them as they go through key stages in their personal lives too.”

The program is available to every corporate part- or full-time employee that has been with Mad Mex for 12 months.

Once the carer is ready to come back into the workplace, Mad Mex will also work with them to provide the flexibility they need to juggle the joint responsibilities.

“As a company and as parents we understand how difficult it can be to juggle child responsibilities with work, especially when you’re new to it,” Mad Mex’s COO, Therese Frangie said. “A familia comes together to look after its people, and we’re not going to let our people feel overwhelmed with what should be one of the happiest times.”