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We often hear from our amigos, asking us what it’s like to work at Mad Mex. The long and short answer is that people love it! We’re fuelled by a passion for good, authentic Mexican food, the very best in customer service… and we’re inspired by having the very best customers!

One of our stars is Rony Hassoun, Regional Operations Manager in Victoria. He’s helping seven of our restaurants thrive in their communities, and is an excellent example of what is possible – and what you can achieve in your career – by working at Mad Mex.

Rony has always had a passion for hospitality, and prior to joining Mad Mex, he did a stint in the US, and even ran a small restaurant of his own in Melbourne for a time. Then an opportunity to be the Business Manager for one of the restaurants, Chadstone, came up, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“Chadstone is one of our key restaurants, but it was underperforming when I came on board. My first job was to turn things around for it – talk about a trial by fire! – but I was successful and now it’s one of our top performers,” Rony said.

That led to a promotion to become a Multi-Site Manager, with DFO Southwharf being his next ward. And then, in May 2021 when Rony became a ROM, he was able to take a big leap, adding another five restaurants to his “portfolio” and being promoted to a Regional Operations Manager.

Why Mad Mex?

What has Rony loved about working for Mad Mex? It’s the culture, he said. With Mad Mex he has really felt like part of the familia, and that he has been able to take ownership over his career.

“Mad Mex is a place where you get lots of freedom and autonomy,” Rony said. “I love to challenge the system. I know that we can always find ways to do things better, and I don’t ever settle. With my own teams, too, I tell them to speak up like I always have!”

Rony added that the flat structure of Mad Mex has always been a big benefit to his career. Having good access to the leaders, including CEO (Clovis) and COO (Therese) has given him a lot of learning, mentorship, and development opportunities, and has helped the company be a welcoming, genuine, and positive one.

Is QSR for you?

Rony is just one of the many hugely successful people that have come through Mad Mex and grown not only their career but themselves through becoming a leader. The question is, have you ever considered a career in QSR restaurants?

We asked Rony why he loves life in a QSR brand like Mad Mex;

Mad Mex is more than just a QSR brand, it offers a great structure to grow and expand your career. The systems, processes and professional development are all there, and there’s plenty of coaching, mentoring, professional development along your own personal journey. It’s an excellent space to build careers. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment, then Mad Mex is the place for you! Rony loves working in the speed! Mad Mex is a fast, dynamic, and exciting world of QSR, and you can too! Every day is different and we’re always working with different people. It really is a people focused brand, both Amigos and the wider internal team. If you love serving customers, you’ll love it here.

But of course, it is all about the food! At the end of the day, food is one of life’s great joys, and working right in the heart of that industry is so incredibly satisfying.

So, amigos, does Rony’s story inspire you? If so, head on over to our jobs page, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!