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We have a new item on the menu, and we’re keen to share yet another bite of authentic Mexican goodness with our amigos. It’s called “Mexicali Mince”, and it’s got a secret that you’d never guess.

All you need to do is rock up to any of our Mad Mex restaurants and say “Mission Mexicali”, and you’ll score yourself a Mexicali Mince Taco as a bonus when you purchase any main meal.

You’re going to love this taco, as it is bursting with every flavour that you love from Mexico. Every mouthful has a perfect blend of tomato, cumin, onion, paprika, chillies and garlic. It’s moreish, perfectly spiced, and, most importantly of all, authentically Mexican.

Oh, and that big secret we mentioned earlier? It’s vegan. The protein in the Mexicali Mince is soy based, but you’d never know it if we didn’t tell you. Want proof? We got the notorious carnivore and AFL legend, Bredon Fevola (“Fev”) to try it, and he’s hooked.

“I love meat. I must admit I was sceptical of the taste and flavour of plant-based food. I’ve tried them before, and it hasn’t tasted nice. This tastes exactly like meat; I can’t tell the difference. That’s the biggest surprise to me. I’m focused on my diet right now and if there’s a way I can make healthier choices and still get the same flavour and taste, then I’m all in,” Fev said.

As our amigos know, at Mad Mex we are committed to three things; authentic Mexican flavours and cuisine, Fresh Fuel for Life, and healthy alternatives that don’t compromise on flavour. We are so proud of our Mexicali Mince because it not only delivers on all of these things… it exceeds expectations completely.

We know that you’re interested in either going meat-free or being more flexitarian. We know that because in the last 12 months we’ve dished up 25 tonnes of tofu and 15 tonnes of vegan chicken. Now we’re sure that once you get stuck into the Mexicali Mince, we’ll be dishing up tonnes of that too. 

Just be quick, though. The free taco offer is only on the table for this week, until August 21!