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As our amigos know, the familia is everything in Mad Mex. Whether you’re a new luchador working to deliver up to our customers the perfect burrito, or you’re one of the executive team, every single person that joins us is someone that we care about and aim to help meet their personal and professional ambitions.

Julie Spring, our People and Culture Coach, is the one making the magic happen! Across mentoring, training and making sure our teams work together to make every restaurant a super-fun and rewarding place to be, Julie is right at the heart of making sure that “familia” is not just something we say, but it’s something we live by.

“To me, development is about allowing people the space to explore,” Julie tells us. “It is like every person’s life is a warehouse, and as a coach you are shinning a light in all the nooks and crannies to see what is hidden that may help a person grow and develop.”

Julie has truly global experience, having travelled to, lived, and worked in the UK, US, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. There aren’t many places she hasn’t been! She now runs a leadership consultancy, Spring Horizon, which has supported thousands of thought leaders.

Her contribution to the culture of Mad Mex is incredible. We’ve had people come from entry-level jobs to running their own restaurants. We’ve helped people who thought that QSR was a transitory job – something you do when you’re younger – realise that it’s a vibrant, exciting career opportunity that brings joy to customers and allows for a lot of personal development and growth. Julie also runs dedicated fortnightly coaching sessions with our Business Managers and Franchise Partners, and runs a regular, ongoing series of leadership development training across various levels in the business.

All of that stems from having a passion for culture and people built into the very heartbeat of what we do. Having people like Julie helping us to support every familia member reach their full potential has been critical in building that commitment to culture.

“Successful coaching is when people are able to look at life with a different perspective,” Julie tells us. “This could be a full paradigm shift, to questioning a belief or way of being that they have held onto.”
“I simply love observing people open, gain greater understanding, have the lightbulb go on, and explore areas and concepts they never thought possible.”

If you’re looking for more than “just a job” and to be part of something special, then we have more openings at Mad Mex than we can count. Head on over to our jobs page, tell us what motivates and drives you, and you too can benefit from the genuine commitment that we have to your career.