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Hola amigos! We’ve got an exciting bit of news to share that we’re enormously proud about. For years now you’ve been coming to Mad Mex for the world’s best burrito and the best Mexican food in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and across regional Australia.

That commitment to the cause – our passion for wholesome, authentic, and genuine Mexican flavours – has always been its own reward. But we’ve got the formal accolades to back it up now. We’ve been declared the overall winner in the Top Franchise Awards this year!

This award is especially significant to us because it comes from the evaluation of franchisees, not external judges. What does that mean? It means that Mad Mex is the kind of business that people want to be involved in! You may have seen Mad Mex restaurants popping up around the country. Many of them are being run by entrepreneurs with a passion for serving up amazing food for customers, and they’re choosing Mad Mex for a reason.

In addition to winning overall, we were also ranked in the Marketing, Brand, Innovation and Support categories. In a statement, the awards wrote about us: “The Brand also received second in the category of Passion and third in the category of Lifestyle – marking a monumental seven award wins in total.”

In short, franchisees love working with us as much as you love our delish and authentic cuisine!
Our head honcho, Clovis Young, was quoted in Food & Beverage, and said “As a purpose-driven business, it’s incredibly exciting to receive such a high accolade and be recognised and rated by our franchisees.

“Our first place is a true testament to the supportive team we have across the Mad Mex business. We are familia! This award is recognition of the feedback in which they rated us top franchisor – and celebrates our open and authentic communication with our franchisees and restaurant network.”

“In addition, the hard work of the Mad Mex team across innovation, brand and support is why our ambition to become Australia’s most loved and respected Mexican food brand is being realised.”

It’s tough to run a business of any kind in Australia at the moment, but the familia sticks together. One of the great things about buying your daily fuel at your local Mad Mex is that you can be sure that we’re looking after our people. We are fully committed to continuing to support our franchisees so that that world’s best burrito that you love is also a vote of confidence in a growing iconic Aussie food brand.

And if you are interested in putting on your entrepreneurial cap, we are looking for people that want to serve up the best Mexican food Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or wherever else wants to serve up. Have a look at our franchising website for more information.