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With a job title like “Restaurant Excellence Manager”, you would think that Sharon Morgan has the best job in the world. After all, Mad Mex has the best burrito in the world, so half of Sharon’s job is already done for her!

Of course, Sharon works super hard to make sure that every Mad Mex is the best possible experience, so it doesn’t matter if you’re dropping into one of our restaurants in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth, or any of our regional locations. Every time, we deliver wholesome, authentic, and punchy Mexican flavours and the true spirit of the familia, and it is people like Sharon that make the magic happen.

We sat down with Sharon to fire off a few quick questions about her long career in QSR, and what she loves about working at Mad Mex.

What was it that first inspired you to get involved in operations in QSR?
I had worked in QSR in training for many years and I was keen to explore ways in which I could share my knowledge and experience to improve the ways things were done.

You’ve gone from classroom training roles in restaurant chains to your role at Mad Mex, today, focused on restaurant excellence. What is it about your work that is so core to Mad Mex’s success, and what challenges keep your work exciting every day?
Mad Mex operations are fundamentally about of our customers, and so restaurant excellence is about enabling and assisting our familia to do the best they can to give the customers the very best experience – this cuts across everything, including the food, the service, and the atmosphere.

What helps Mad Mex stand out and why do we have the best restaurant experiences for consumers?
I believe our quality and different food helps us to stand out. Our service model allows our amigos to customise their order just the way they like it. We cater to different food choices and preferences with no fuss, and our customers never end up feeling they are an afterthought. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or anything else, we have you covered!

Aside from the food, in our restaurants with dining rooms, we have fun and lively music and a chance to sit and enjoy their meal in comfort and enjoy the good vibes. Our cheeky nature allows us to have fun and engage with our amigos.

You’ve contributed to a lot of the recent Mad Mex openings – tell us about what’s so exciting about opening a new restaurant?
I really enjoy opening a new restaurant for a few reasons. It gives more amigos the chance to experience our fabulous food. I love sharing our food options and letting our new amigos know they can make it their way. It also gives people employment, and, what’s more, in the most part that’s to young people in the area. Helping those people join the familia and boost their careers is always so rewarding.

It’s pretty safe to say that your role is a very people-focused one. What is it about working with people that gives you the best job satisfaction?
I love assisting people to learn new things and to put that learning into action. I also love being able to see people develop to their best ability and work towards their goals. I enjoy interacting with all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds, skills, and aspirations. It’s a very rewarding role I’ve got!

What advice would you have for anyone that is looking to get into operations and QSR?
Do it! It offers many opportunities for future roles. I worked in hospitality while studying to complete a teaching degree at university and initially worked in QSR as a trainer. After having worked in that for many years, training new staff, managers, and franchisees, I applied my knowledge to working on the operations side from running projects like new product launches, to reviewing policies and procedures for efficiency and safety.

I love using an operational lens to view new projects and challenges. I know others who have gone into supply roles, area management, projects, and development, so there are plenty of opportunities to grow. You just need to go with what best suits you and your aspirations, and operations gives you the groundwork to do it all.

Finally, what’s your personal Mad Mex recommendation?
I love a quesadilla with chicken and pico, with queso for dipping.

Does Mad Mex sound like an opportunity and challenge you’d like to take on? Head on over to our jobs page – we’ve got plenty of openings for all kinds of roles!