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Mad Mex is so much more than the place you go to get the world’s best burrito. For people that have a passion for wholesome, good food and a true innovative spirit, it’s also the ultimate place to build careers.

That’s what Dennis Cuyugan has done, since joining Mad Mex in 2019 as a Business Manager. He’s been responsible for helping us to navigate the challenging past few years, while also bringing some fresh ideas to the table, and he’s been one of the familia’s superstars in making us the place you love coming for the finest authentic Mexican food Sydney – where he’s based (but also the rest of Australia!) – has to offer.

Dennis is incredibly busy – as you can imagine being a gun BM in our rapidly-growing business is – but he took the time to drop in and answer a few quick questions about his experience as part of the Mad Mex familia.

1) What was it that first inspired you to get involved in operations in QSR?
I was inspired by the level of service that is possible within QSR. So often you hear people claim that QSR food and service is not great, but I never believed that myself (and I think the quality of Mad Mex backs that up!) and I wanted to challenge myself to prove to other people that their perceptions were wrong.

2) What helps Mad Mex stand out and why do you love the brand/what is it about Mad Mex that makes you love your job?
I love working in Mad Mex because of the great company culture. In fact, I often say to myself and others that Mad Mex is an extension of my home! The way this company takes care of its familia is beyond excellent.

3) What gives you the best job satisfaction?
First, I feel satisfied if I see my team happy and fulfilled in their job objectives. Secondly, every time that I get the chance to talk to my customers and get positive feedback from them, I feel a great deal of satisfaction in what I’m doing. Thirdly, I’m always happy when my own managers recognise my team’s dedication to delivering the best they can in every shift.

4) What advice would you have for anyone that is looking to get into operations and QSR?
My advice is to try it, but do not expect it to be very easy at first. It’s dynamic, hard work! However, once you get started and begin making your customers happy and satisfied, you will feel deeply engaged in the work. Before you know it, you will have been in the industry for a while, and you couldn’t imagine doing anything else with your career.

5) What does a typical day look like for you?
I can’t imagine starting my day without having a cup of coffee! Other than that, I always find time to train the people in my stores. My day is not complete if I wasn’t able to add value to anyone on my team.

6) Finally, what’s your personal Mad Mex recommendation?
Crispy Tacos with Guacamole will always be a favourite of mine – they have a tasty crunch with delicious flavour that you can return to time and again.

Dennis is just one of our hugely talented team that is committed to serving up the perfect, authentic Mexican each and every time you visit. Be sure to drop in and say hi! And if a fast moving, dynamic, and hugely rewarding career in QSR sounds like something that is right for you, please do drop in to our jobs page. We have jobs available in all areas for people at all stages in their career development!