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When you love wholesome, authentic Mexican, you live for it. Being the owner of a Mad Mex franchise in one of the busiest locations is certainly a way to express your love for good Mexican, and that’s what Nadeem Shaikh, the franchise owner of Mad Mex in Sydney’s MetCentre, does.

He sat down with us to briefly talk through what drew him to the Mad Mex brand, what motivates him every day and, of course, his recommendation for anyone that drops into his incredible Mexican restaurant in Sydney!

What was it that drew you to the Mad Mex brand?

I love the big, bold flavours, fresh healthy ingredients, and the great customer service that is always extended to our amigos. After seeing all of that in action myself I wanted to be part of that culture and food tradition.

What do you enjoy most about your role/being a franchisee?

Without a doubt, being able to interact directly with customers has been an amazing perk of what I do. I love hearing about their own love of Mexican food. I’m also highly driven to make sure each customer gets the best experience with the healthiest and most authentic food each time they visit, and Mad Mex’s menu and commitment to quality allows me to do that.

You’ve done really well with your team and are one of the best-performing franchises across the network – what’s the secret to your success?

Firstly, you’ve got to focus on the team. It’s important that everyone that works for my store has a great experience and feels like they’re part of the familia. This means that you make sure your team is always heard when they’ve got something to say, and you give them good, constructive feedback and recognition when they perform above and beyond.

The amazing team we’ve built up at the MetCentre store is the underlying reason that we have great results. People want to work here, and the customer benefits from that energy and passion.

What advice what you have for people considering franchising or new to the industry?

Find a good franchise to get involved with! Mad Mex has a great work culture and have very efficient systems in place to help new franchisees get onboard. In terms of innovation and training they’ve been incredible, and you do feel like they give their full support at every step to ensure the successful opening of each new store and then the ongoing management of it.

What can city diners expect from Mad Mex MetCentre?

We keep it simple: you’re going to get a quick and healthy meal. Speed doesn’t mean we cut corners, though! You’ll also enjoy exceptional customer service and, no matter what you order, from the first bite to the last it’s going to be an explosion of true, authentic Mexican flavour.

Now the big question! As we always ask in our interviews: what’s your favourite Mad Mex dish?

I’ve got to go with the Naked Chicken Burrito! The irresistible pairing of grilled chicken with marinated chipotle makes this naked burrito bowl as sexy to the palate as the name suggests. It’s full of nutrients, bold flavours and colours. Add to it some roasted tomato salsa and guacamole and you have yourself a perfect meal!

As you can see Nadeem is quite the poet, and his love for good Mexican is infectious. With the Sydney MetCentre being so convenient, why not drop in the next time you find yourself in the city? Say hello to Nadeem and his team, because they’re very much looking forward to serving you.

And, if you’re interested in becoming a franchisee yourself, we’re very keen to hear from you! Mad Mex is expanding rapidly and we’re looking for people that, just like Nadeem, have an entrepreneurial spirit and love of good, wholesome Mexican cuisine. Click on over to our franchising page for more information.