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Make The Most Of The Aussie Summer With Mad Mex

Australia is at its best during the summer. It’s a time for beaches, outdoor parties and picnics. And, of course, it’s a time for cricket, tennis, and any other outdoor activity you can imagine. You’re probably preparing for at least a few big days out over the season, so make sure you’re fully fuelled to keep powering on.

One of the things we love about Australia is the way we’ve embraced cuisines from around the world and made them our own. We Aussies love good, authentic flavours, from wherever they come from, and we love sharing a good meal with mates.

So why not stuff the basket with a pile of burritos on your way to the beach? Grab some nachos for snacking, and tacos for even more variety. Load it up with the hot sauces if you like a good hit of spice, and, of course, don’t forget the guac.

Mexican food suits our lifestyles. It’s as easy to eat standing up, with a cricket bat in the other hand, as it is to lay out on the picnic table and share with the familia. It’s a great option for the vegans in the group (and it’s so good the carnivores won’t even realise they’re not eating meat!). People of all ages love the wholesome, fresh combination of ingredients, and Mexican pairs beautifully with whatever you’re drinking, from cola to Red Bull, right through to beers (and the bubbly, if you’ve brought it along for the party!).

However you like to spend the Australian summer, and whatever your traditions are, know that we’ve got you covered. Mad Mex restaurants across the country will, of course, be open whenever you need them, so drop in early in the day to load up the picnic basket, come say hello at lunchtime between morning and afternoon events, or grab your dinner with us before heading off to the evening festivities.

Enjoy a wonderful Australian summer with the best Mexican food Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and the rest of Australia has to offer.