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One of the reasons that we think we’ve been able to serve up the best Mexican food Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and the rest of Australia has seen to our amazing amigos is because of the people that make it. The employees in our familia genuinely care about what they do, and that’s because we care about them.

We’re proud of our culture at Mad Mex, and this is especially true of our belief that mothers that want to get back into the workforce should be given every opportunity to succeed. Take Bina, for example, who has become a star at our Mt Druitt restaurant in Sydney since joining last year.

It can be tough finding work when you’re trying to get back into the workforce after having children. As Bina says, though, we didn’t hesitate in hiring her. “After having kids, it was hard to get back to the workforce. I started looking for jobs at the start of 2022 when my kids turned 10 and 12. I had my interview at Mad Mex Mt Druitt and got the role.

“My experience at Mad Mex has definitely changed my life in a better way,” she added. “Now I am back to work, and I still get time to spend with my family. I drop off my kids to school and start my shift from 9am – 2.30pm and pick up my kids from school”

This is especially important to us. At Mad Mex, we firmly believe that you should not need to make sacrifices to your life at home to work. Being flexible and empowering people, regardless of their obligations and lifestyles, allows us to fill our restaurants with the most passionate and talented people. Not everyone can do the 9-5, and that’s okay.

What’s more, you shouldn’t be held back based on the hours that you do work. Because we believe in talent, not simply clocking up hours, our employees get every opportunity for career development and to step up to leadership roles, regardless of the schedule that they work to.

As Bina says, being part of the Mad Mex familia, away from her home, has been a positive addition to her life. “I feel more independent, confident, and also have goals to achieve in my life. Raheel (who runs Mad Mex Mt Druitt) has given me every opportunity to be the best employee I have ever been since starting in hospitality with room to grow. I started working as a team member and got promoted to a store supervisor recently. I love the work environment and it feels like my second home!”

With a robust paid parental leave plan (the first for QSR restaurants like Mad Mex!), flexibility with hours, and an understanding leadership team, Mad Mex is an ideal, family-friendly workplace. It’s part of what makes the atmosphere of our restaurants so warming and welcoming.

If Bina’s story has inspired you, check out our jobs page! Perhaps you have family of your own and want to step back into the workforce. Or perhaps you simply want to work somewhere that genuinely cares. Whatever the case, we are always looking for the best and brightest, so contact us today!