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At Mad Mex, we firmly believe that all our amigos should have the opportunity to enjoy the authentic and genuine flavors of Mexico. We constantly strive to find new ways to innovate and deliver to the highest standards of excellence, every time you visit.

Furthermore, every customer also has complete control over what goes into their meal. There are no meals where we can’t add or remove any ingredient that you don’t want. Furthermore, all products are also on display in our serving area so you can observe the preparation of your meal for yourself.

As you can see, we believe that it’s important to be open and transparent with our customers, and in the interests of doing so we wanted to share our approach to halal products at Mad Mex.

Our chicken AND beef suppliers are halal certified

While Mad Mex as a corporation is not halal certified, and nor are individual franchisees, our chicken supplier has been halal certified for quite some time and we are thrilled to share the news that our beef supplier is as well now.

This means all chicken and beef products have been halal-certified at their source.

Mad Mex does serve pork – how we keep it separate from other proteins/ingredients

Many of our customers enjoy pork, and Mad Mex does serve pork dishes. For this reason, we have not sought halal certification ourselves.

However, we do prepare, store, and serve our proteins entirely separately. Across the production line, from supplier to customer, there is not a moment where pork and our other proteins and ingredients are worked on together. For example, our grills are only used for chicken, not beef or pork. Our serving utensils are also kept separate, so the utensils that we use to serve pork never touches the beef, chicken or salads.

Our staff do wear gloves when serving, though they use utensils, rather than their hands, when handling ingredients. If you are concerned that the gloves have come into contact with pork, you are most welcome to ask the staff to change them as they start to serve you.

As you can see, we take every care to make sure that distinct ingredients do not come into contact with one another. However, we cannot guarantee there will not be cross-contamination. For the same reasons that restaurants that serve seafood or nuts-based meals warn their customers, evenwhen serving them a non-seafood and non-nut-based dish, we offer our halal customers the same courtesy in the interests of transparency. Despite our inability to offer a guarantee, please understand that we really do take every effort to take every one of our customer’s dietary requirements as seriously as they deserve to be, and that includes halal.

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions and/or concerns, please feel free to talk to the Mad Mex team onvyour next visit. Not only do we have the best Mexican food Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth andvregional Australia has to offer… we also have the amigos, and we’re always happy to chat throughvany queries you may have!