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One of our amazing restaurants achieved a big milestone recently, and the party with our amigos was huge! Mad Mex in West Gosford turned one, and it has already become such a popular part of the vibrant Central Coast community.

Garry Kamboj is the owner of the West Gosford franchise, and he put on a spectacular show for the local community to celebrate. Just have a look at the photos for proof!

We sat down with Garry to have a good chat about what his experience has been like being part of the Mad Mex familia, and what will come next for him.

How have you found the experience of running the West Gosford location over the past year?

It has been a very satisfying experience for me! I was in a corporate job previously, and the switch from a corporate job to owning my own restaurant has been one of the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made.

Also, I can eat fresh, healthy and tasty food every day, and nothing can top that! That’s why I chose Mad Mex to be the franchise I opened up, after all!

What have been the highlights over the past year?

Just the learning experience, really – it’s been one long highlight for the entire year. Stepping out to be an entrepreneur and set up my own business has been a learning curve – and it’s a scary risk to take! But I jumped in with a can-do attitude and that helped me to make the most of the opportunity.

How have the people of West Gosford responded to the Mexican cuisine? What have been their favourite dishes?

The locals love Mad Mex! They’re constantly telling us that they love having a healthy and tasty alternative to cooking at home locally. We’re all so busy these days, cooking can be difficult to fit in, and that’s where Mad Mex steps in to help out.

Chicken Burrito with Guac is definitely the favourite item on the menu, though I might be a bit biased, because it’s my personal favourite too!

Mexican Restaurant Sydney | Mad Mex

You partied in style over the weekend. What’s ahead next for your restaurant?

We have got a lot of love from the community, and so the next thing that we’re looking to do is give back by supporting the local sporting teams. Mad Mex embodies the Fresh Fuel For Life philosophy, which means good, wholesome food and active lifestyle, so being part of the local sporting scene is big for us.

We have also recently partnered with our local Planet Fitness where we will be providing a 10% discount to all their members. So, if you’re in West Gosford, get yourself a good exercise routine going, and the drop in for a tasty meal to reward yourself!

Finally, the last and most important thing for us is to keep providing a great customer experience to all our customers. It really does drive our entire team and I’m thrilled with what we’ve been able to deliver for the customer over the past year.

So, if you’re ever craving good, wholesome and fresh food, drop in to a truly top Mexican restaurant in Sydney. A massive congratulations to Garry and his team on the big achievement, and we can’t wait to be back celebrating another anniversary next year!