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What a year it has been, amigos! Over the past 12 months we’ve opened more restaurants across Australia, brought Spicy Yucatan Chicken from Mexican cookbooks to Aussie plates, partnered with Smiths for the best hot sauce potato chip you’ve ever tasted, and sold a record number of Big Burritos to very hungry daredevils.

This week we hosted the annual Mad Mex Golden Burrito Awards to celebrate everything you love about Mad Mex, our passion for Mexican cuisine, and the qualities that helps our business to stand apart.

Mad Mex has always been more than just the best Mexican restaurant in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and wherever else we show up. It’s a place where flavour takes centre stage, and where the most amazing guac flows like a river. But what truly sets Mad Mex apart are the amazing people who bring the fiesta to life every single day.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the heart and soul of Mad Mex – our incredible winners!

🏆 “Bien Chingones” Franchise Restaurant of the Year 2023 (Erina Fair) 🏆

To the team at Erina Fair, you’ve outdone yourselves! Your dedication to serving up fresh, flavourful Mexican goodness has earned you the coveted title of Franchise Restaurant of the Year. From wholesome-packed burritos to mouthwatering nachos, you truly mastered the art of turning hungry customers into loyal fans!

🏆 “Bien Chingones” Business Manager of the Year 2023 (Dennis Cuyugan) 🏆

Dennis Cuyugan, our fearless leader! Your passion for all things Mad Mex is nothing short of inspiring. Your charisma and dedication have made you a legend among our staff and customers alike. Keep leading the charge, amigo!

🏆 “Bien Chingones” Support Office Champion of the Year 2023 (Loane Avenell) 🏆

Loane Avenell, our rock in the storm! You’re constantly connecting with every one of them, helping to launch their restaurants, and coming up with genius ways to promote them and their restaurants. This has been instrumental to helping Mad Mex flourish. Thank you for being the ultimate champion of the Mad Mex family!

🏆 “Bien Chingones” Supplier of the Year 2023 (DoorDash) 🏆

And let’s not forget our amigos at DoorDash! Your speedy deliveries has curbed countless cravings. You’ve become more than just a great partner to work with; you’re an essential part of the Mad Mex experience. Gracias, DoorDash, for being our Supplier of the Year!

But wait, there’s more! Our values are what truly make Mad Mex shine, and we have some stellar winners in that department too:

🌟 Connected Award 2023 (Garry Singh, West Gosford) 🌟

Gary, you’re the bridge that connects us all. Your ability to create a sense of community across both the restaurant and community in West Gosford is nothing short of magical. Keep spreading the love, amigo!

🌟 Cheeky Award 2023 (Prajwal Shrestha, Joondalup) 🌟

Prajwal, your cheeky spirit is infectious! You’ve made Joondalup a place where laughter and good vibes reign supreme. You’re in for a great time whenever you step into the Joondalup store, and Prajwal is the life of the party.

🌟 Authentic Award 2023 (Abhi Bhalla and Hitesh Kaushik, Doncaster) 🌟

Abhi and Hitesh, your commitment to authenticity is second to none. You’ve brought the true flavours of Mexico to Doncaster, and backed that up with the honest and authentic spirit that we hold dear at Mad Mex and for that, we salute you.

🌟 Own It Award 2023 (Michael Ong, Randwick) 🌟

Michael, you’re the embodiment of “Own It.” Your dedication to making Randwick a symbol of not only Mad Mex excellence, but your own personal authenticity and genuine spirit is evident to every customer that has the pleasure to step into your restaurant.

🌟 Healthy Award 2023 (Hannah Moerman, Tweed) 🌟

Hannah, you’ve shown us that healthy can be delicious. Your dedication to making Mad Mex a nutritious choice in Tweed, and helping customers learn that wholesome good food is not just “good for you” but also a party on the taste buds is truly commendable.

Congratulations to all our winners! 🎉

You are the heart and soul of Mad Mex, and this Golden Burrito couldn’t be prouder or feel more privileged to have attracted such an incredible group of people to join the familia.

Here’s to another year of serving up the freshest, tastiest, and most fun Mexican food around! And to all our Mad Mex lovers out there, thank you for your continued support. Your passion for our food is what fuels our fiesta! Stay cheeky, stay hungry, and stay Mad Mex!