Top five reasons for owning a franchise

Michael Savvas, Mad Mex Network Development Manager gives you his top five reasons for owning a franchise:

1. You’ll have great work/life balance
Does your 9-5 job run your life? One of the benefits of being your own boss is being in control of your work schedule. Say goodbye to rush hour traffic and staying back late to impress the boss – owning a franchise means you make your office hours.

2. A lot of the hard work has been done for you
Starting a business can be daunting and there is a lot of work that goes into beginning a brand. Thankfully getting involved franchising means getting involved with an already well-established brand. A whole team of people have already put in the hard yards in terms of challenges like site location, negotiating a lease, shopfit management, operations manuals and marketing. Behind the franchise is a track record of success as well as brand awareness. Mad Mex, for example, has already established national brand-name recognition and loyalty. Because of this buying a franchise is like buying a business with built-in customers who are already familiar and comfortable with your brand.

3. It is often easier to obtain financing
Another benefit of getting involved with an already established business is that it can be much easier to obtain financing to purchase your franchise. Banks are very comfortable supplying financial support for buying a franchise as they already have a proven track record. Successful businesses are usually seen as lower risk as opposed to newer, independent businesses.

4. You’ll receive ongoing training and support
Getting involved with a franchise can provide you with ongoing training and support that you may not receive otherwise. Franchises should have programs designed to teach you the most successful ways to run the business as well as a support network tasked to helping you start your business. At Mad Mex, we encourage franchisees to become part of la familia with an initial 6-week training program and ongoing support from Support Office and fellow franchisees. You’re never alone when you’re part of Mad Mex and la familia is only a phone call away!

5. There is opportunity for growth
So you’ve established your first franchise. Now what? What’s fantastic about franchises is there’s always room to grow. Franchisors are usually looking to expand and it is always a benefit to grow an existing franchise rather than finding a new one. At Mad Mex there is always room for growth. While fast casual dining and fresh, healthy Mexican food are both relatively new concepts, they are already dominating the restaurant industry. In nine years, Mad Mex has grown to 65 stores in Australia and New Zealand, with a further 15 openings planned for 2016. Not only that, but Mad Mex is gearing up to go global with plans to expand into Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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