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Mad Mex Brisbane

The Mexican Restaurant Brisbane Loves

You live in Brisbane. You need energy… good fuel to drive your passions, your love of the outdoors, and the exciting lifestyle that one of Australia’s hottest spots throws at you every day. To make the most of the wonderful city you live in, you want Mad Mex. As the best Mexican restaurant Brisbane locals love, when you join the Mad Mex familia, your life becomes filled with good food, good company, and good times.

For The Love Of Mexican

The secret to great Mexican is authenticity; quality ingredients, prepared by someone who cares. Our crack team of Luchadores love the craft of creating great food, and love working with the rich, authentic chilies, tomatillos, and chipotle flavours that make tacos, nachos and burritos dance on your tongue.

We care about the health and wellbeing of everyone in our familia, too. Oils, sugars, preservatives and other nasties are kept to a minimum, but it’s not just because they’re unhealthy. Fresh, home-cooked quality food isn’t just good for you in its freshness, but those rich, authentic flavours are pure energy fuel, and will perk you up just when you need it the most.

We’ve also got you covered, vegans and vegetarians! We know that you want all the flavour with no compromises, and we want you to join in our celebration of life and good, honest Mexican cuisine. We’ve got plenty of meat-free and vegan options available to you.

The Mexican Food Brisbane Can Count On

We bring our chill, welcoming brand of authentic Mexican restaurant to many locations throughout Brisbane’s shopping centres, including Westfield Garden City. It wouldn’t be much of a celebration of Mexican delights if we were hard to find, would it? With plenty of seating, great music, and our friendly team of Luchadores, we’ll get you fuelled up and back to living life to its fullest in no time.

If you’re concerned with allergies, don’t worry, because we are too. A full list of nutrition information is readily available on our website, and if you have any concerns, a quick chat with our Luchadore will get you the answers you need. You’re also able to customise your meal however you like – and believe us, we know what it’s like to enjoy different flavour combinations. That’s the heart and soul of the Mexican experience.

Auténtico, Delicioso, Increíble

We love delivering the best in fresh, authentic Mexican food, and we love being the first choice Mexican restaurant Brisbane locals come to. Whether it’s a quick bite or a full meal, Mexican food is about mouth-watering flavours, good company, and great vibes. Visit any of our locations below to see for yourself why Mexican is GOAT, or click here for more information on everything we do at Mad Mex.

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