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Mad Mex Melbourne

The freshest Mexican food Melbourne loves

You love living in Melbourne for its culture, its art, its shopping, and because it’s a foodie’s paradise. Melbourne amigos know that they’re spoiled for choice when it comes to great food, and they won’t settle for anything less than the best. They also know that for the very best Mexican restaurant Melbourne offers, they are always welcome at Mad Mex.

Conveniently located throughout this great city, from Chadstone to Highpoint, you’re never far from the expert skills of our Luchadores, nor our tantalising range of authentic Mexican cuisine, prepared from only the most real, natural ingredients. Every meal is made fresh, just for you and exactly the way you want it; the perfect fuel for a day on the town.

Auténtico, Delicioso, Increíble

You want bold flavours, and you know that Mexican will deliver. Whether it’s the crunch of perfectly-crafted nachos, the rich sensations of burritos, or the moreish goodness of a quesadilla, our flavours come from fresh ingredients, expertly prepared by people who simply love Mexico.

We cater to all dietary requirements. Whether you’re a vegan, omnivore, or hardcore carnivore, we’ll give you satisfying fuel to perk you up and make your day. And, because you should always enjoy good food in comfort, each of our restaurants is a place to chill and be yourself in comfort. You’re part of our familia when you eat at Mad Mex, and united by a love for good, home-grown Mexican fuel, we’re all celebrating life together.

We look after our familia with the authentic Mexican food Melbourne loves

Each Mad Mex Mexican restaurant is a temple to authentic flavour, and that means we don’t fake our way through. We keep oils, sugars, and other preservatives to a minimum. Instead, you get wholesome, natural ingredients and quality home cooking. If you’re even concerned with what goes into our tacos (or any of our other dishes!) then you can visit our website, where we publish all nutrition information. We get it – living life to the full means knowing how you’re fuelling your body and passions, and we’ve got you covered there.

More than anything, we all love Mexican food and culture. Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the greatest food and cooking traditions, and we want you along for the ride. Our Luchadores are there to make your lunchtime experience amazing, so don’t hesitate to hit them up with any questions you might have. And why not have a quick chat with them while you’re there? After all – when you’re living in Melbourne, you’re living in the best city in the world. Bringing some Mexican flavours, colour, and energy only makes the city even better.

To learn more about why we’re the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne offers, click XXXX. Find the perfect restaurant for your day out by checking out our list of locations.

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