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Mad Mex: Mexican Food Perth Amigos Love

The Mexican Restaurant Perth loves

You’re busy, living life to the full. What you need is the fuel that keeps you healthy and energised. Mad Mex is the Mexican Restaurant Perth amigos have come to rely on to keep them powering on, all day long.

With locations across the city, each with their own chill vibe and expert team of Luchadores that know how to make your meal pop with fresh flavour and exquisite taste, Mad Mex is convenient, vibrant, and the perfect lifestyle choice. Every meal is made fresh, just for you and exactly the way you want it; the perfect fuel for a day on the town.

Mexican Restaurants in Perth
Mexican Food Perth

Great Taste Isn’t Magic (We’re Just That Good)

Who wants to waste a good meal on something boring? From chillies to tomatillos, chipotles through to the best quality wraps and nacho chips, Mad Mex is the Mexican food Perth amigos know is anything but boring. Our secret is in the fresh, wholesome ingredients that we use. We don’t rely on oils, sugars, and preservatives to hide what we’re doing. Our home cooked-style dishes are just like you’re expect from your Mexican familia – it’s uncompromisingly fresh, and it’s delicious.

The modern familia has amigos with all kinds of dietary requirements, and our team of Luchadores is committed to crafting the right meal for your needs. Whether you like your meats, or are vegetarian or vegan, we have a rich range of options for you. Each of our meals is completely customisable to your own tastes, and so we can easily account for allergies and other dietary requirements. Not sure about what you want? We have a full list of the ingredients and nutritional information on our menus. Our Luchadores are here for you – just ask them if you have any questions.

Auténtico, Delicioso, Increíble, Mexican Food Perth

Looking for the most coolest and authentic Mexican restaurant Perth can offer? Each Mad Mex restaurant is a chill, welcoming place, with all the Latin hits playing over the sound system for a truly laid-back vibe. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite, or settling in for a meal, you’re home when you come to Mad Mex. Like all Mexicans we believe that food is a social occasion, were good company, sharing stories, and great flavours make life worth living.

More than anything, we all love Mexican food in Perth and culture. Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the greatest food and cooking traditions, and we want you along for the ride. Our Luchadores are here to make your lunchtime experience incredible, so don’t hesitate to hit them up with any questions you might have. And why not have a quick chat with them while you’re there? After all – when you’re living in Perth, you’re living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Bringing some Mexican flavours, colour, and energy only makes the city even better.

Each of our locations is easy to find, and convenient – after all, what would be the point if we were out of the way? You can easily find a list of Mad Mex Mexican Restaurant Perth and Western Australia locations on our website, and we’re always close to the busy shopping centres so you can enjoy that meal-time time out throughout the year.

The Mexican food Perth locals can count on

If you haven’t jumped on the hot tamale train and discovered the wonderous and succulent flavours of good Mexican food in Perth, now is the time. Mad Mex is the Mexican restaurant Perth amigos love for our commitment to taking standards of fresh fuel and healthy flavours to the next level. For more information on what to expect from your Mad Mex experience, click here.

If you are looking to jump-start your career in the food industry, Mad Mex can help you build the top skills and knowledge to support you on your journey. Or perhaps you want to become a Head Honcho and own a Mexican restaurant in Perth – we can help you become a future Franchisee.

Your journey to providing the best Mexican food Perth can offer starts here. Come join our Familia!

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