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Mad Mex: Mexican Food Sydney

Hola! come join us at the freshest Mexican restaurant Sydney has to offer

Chasing your dreams and making your mark on the world, isn’t that what life’s all about? When you need the freshest Mexican food Sydney can provide to fuel your passions, we’ve got your back. That’s why Mad Mex is the Mexican restaurant Sydney amigos know they can count on.

Mad Mex was born of the belief that fast food should and could be better.

Whatever you choose to order, you’ll see it made in front of you using real, natural ingredients prepped each day by our dedicated team of Luchadores. That way you know you’re getting your fuel made fresh, just for you, exactly the way you want it.

Good Vibes. Great Taste.

Life’s too short to eat boring burritos. Our fresh ingredients and bold flavours mean that whatever you choose to order, you know you’re getting delicious, fresh fuel for life. Our friendly luchadores and chill vibe make Max Mex the perfect Mexican restaurant Sydney needs to get fuelled up.

Nobody should miss out on tasty Mexican food in Sydney because of dietary requirements or personal preferences. Whether you’re vegan, carnivore, or omni, every meal can be made exactly how you like it.

We believe in freedom of choice. Your burrito, your way. No one should ever lose out because of a food allergy. 100% customisable means each burrito can be as individual as you are.

Fresh and healthy Mexican food Sydney

Healthy fuel is good fuel. When preparing the finest Mexican food Sydney can offer, we keep oils, sugars, and preservatives to a minimum with fresh, natural ingredients and home-cooked quality food. We’ve got nutrition information on our website about everything on our menu, so you can know exactly what you’re getting.

When you’re living life to the fullest, you need the right fuel for you. Mad Mex has you covered.

Autentico, de Licioso, Incredible

We use only Mexican chilli’s, tomatillos, and chipotles, with home-style recipes that make sure the bold flavours come to life.

When we prepare our food, we do it the way it should be done: as one big familia, sharing stories and having a good time while doing it. That camaraderie and passion is as much a part of bringing out those authentic Mexican flavours as the ingredients themselves.

At Mad Mex, our goal is to find a balance between creating fresh and healthy food that still have those now-classic Mexican flavours. Our Meatfree Mondays initiative is a chance to enjoy the plant-based experience inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine. Our naked burrito is your chance to pile all the super-nutritious vegetables, beans, and brown rice into a bowl to fuel your busy life. And, of course, all our salsas and guac are made from the same ingredients that the locals all across Mexico use daily.

Mexican food Sydney Familia Love

We want our customers to get a fast meal with home-cooked quality, made entirely of real ingredients. That means the smallest amount of preservatives, oils, and sugars – but always big on taste.

At our Mexican restaurants in Sydney, each day starts with your dedicated team of ‘Luchadors’ gathered around the kitchen bench to prepare our mouth-watering food, using only the freshest ingredients. Just like in a traditional Mexican familia, the conversations and camaraderie from this simple act of preparing and cooking food brings our Familia together.

We want everyone who visits our Mad Mex Mexican restaurants in Sydney to be happy. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will make you a new meal. That’s our promise.

Mad Careers

If you are looking for a career in the food industry or in retail management, Mad Mex can help you develop the skills and knowledge to assist you on your journey. Or perhaps you want to become a Head Honcho at one of your own Mexican restaurant in Sydney – we can help you to become a future Franchisee.

Your journey to providing the best Mexican food Sydney can offer starts here. Come join our Familia!

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