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We’re turning up the heat at Mad Mex

with our limited time only

Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan Chicken

What better way to warm your taste buds with our delicious new Poco Diablo Filling option.

Translating to little devil, our Poco Diablo Vegan Chicken is packed with spices to give just that little bit of heat – it’s perfect for amigos looking to add a little heat to their day.

Our Vegan Chicken is a plant-based protein made from water, soy protein, sunflower oil, salt and spices – it has the same great taste as our regular chicken, only it’s vegan, dairy and gluten free…you won’t know the difference!

So visit your nearest Mad Mex restaurant today and warm up with our new Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan Chicken filling for + $1 extra in any main meal.